Gulshan-e-Rahman Housing Schemes, Zone 5 Islamabad, Zone 2 Islamabad & Motorway Housing Schemes Fatehjang (Attock), Pakistan Gulshan-e-Rahman Housing Schemes, Zone 5 Islamabad, Zone 2 Islamabad & Motorway Housing Schemes Fatehjang (Attock), Pakistan
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Who is Causing the Delay

Our dear Members, as anxious as we are, post us their worries and ask us when the case might be decided. But the situation at the court is very bleak. Prosecution, the NAB, is doing her best to delay the proceedings as much as possible. For example, they drop one person from the Reference bypassing the court, and when the Court asks them for the same it sets up an Enquiry Committee, takes two months for the findings of the committee and a couple of months more to get the findings (report) signed by their DG. To implement one court warrant they first waste a couple of months of court with the mention of a wrong address, then another couple of months by not following the court orders. Even the Honourable Judge of the Accountability Court had to appear before the High Court, in person, to clear his position on the delay in the proceedings at the Trial Court. Following is one excerpt of the Order by the Accountability Court, dated 24-03-2012, which clears, WHO IS CAUSING THE DELAY...

Let's Hope NAB and We can Function!

The new Chairman NAB is appointed. Although his appointment is again challenged in the apex court but let's hope NAB has got his Signature required to proceed with our Reference. Let's hope, there is no futher delay in Justice.
22 October 2011

We Need to Resume!

We started purchasing lands for Gulshan-e-Rahman Housing Schemes in 1994. The good part of land was bought by 2003. We got permission to advertise for Gulshan-e-Rahman Housing Scheme Zone V from CDA. We also got Scrutiny Clearance from CDA for our Zone II Scheme. We then got even NOC for our Gulshan-e-Rahman Motorway Housing Scheme. We did not need to advertise for booking for any single scheme. People knew the worth of the lands of Gulshan-e-Rahman Housing Schemes and we got a remarkable booking success. We were doing all the things necessary. We submitted layout plans, made agreements to acquire further necessary lands and started development works. Then things turn around. TMA Fatehjang cancelled our NOC and asked us to distance from the new Islamabad International Airport. CDA raised the issue of Buffer Zone and refused to proceed with our Gulshan-e-Rahman Housing Schemes. But it was too late to draw back by then. We had made bookings. Then started the stalemate with CDA which was finally decided by the Honourable Islamabad High Court with the directions to CDA to decide our case within one month in accordance with their statements they submitted before the Standing Committee of the National Assembly of Pakistan. It was a jubilant day for the allottees of Gulshan-e-Rahman Housing Schemes. On that 02 June 2008, they felt the hours of wait were no longer. But..

But it turned just a milestone. Just a day after, when we were trying to get a piece of land transferred to raise funds to revive the Gulshan-e-Rahman of thousand of allottees and proceed in the line with Honourable High Court's order, we were shocked to find ourselves under cautions of NAB. We were told a few people, who got impatient during all this time that we took to get over with CDA & TMA issues, got complaints against us in NAB. And now we are undergoing the NAB proceedings. Who gave birth to this new delay God knows better. And who are suffering, we all know. May God give us all the strength to resume the positive process. The development of Gulshan-e-Rahman Housing Schemes soon.